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Metaverse App Store

JUMP is a next-generation decentralized universal metaverse platform and MAppStore is the world’s first Metaverse app store.
The MAppsStore brings you the best-in-class MApps which you can interact with and deploy in any desired location across the JUMP Metaverses. We offer trusted, verified and secure apps and seek to reinvent the way people think about apps by providing only high-quality apps that are completely native, easy to use, and ready to download.



Metaverse Apps

Metaverse Apps or MApps™  is the largest collection of Metaverse Reality apps by JUMP Creators. Featuring more than 100 different MApps, each with a unique look and feel. MApps are the first of its kind in the Metaverse. Our team is committed to building the most sophisticated and efficient infrastructure for custom-built applications for your Metaverse. Use MApps to bring metaverse experiences to your retail spaces.




MetaPortals™ to other worlds have opened up in locations around our metaverse and we want to place them in your area. Discover portals to other worlds, travel to distant realms, and unlock the secrets of the universe in this incredible metaverse of metaverses. Imagine a totally different way to travel and even time travel.

JUMP lets you seamlessly move through the real and digital worlds. Securely move, play and trade with the blockchain



Polygon Addressability

A virtual navigation in the verse enables the avatar to communicate with polygon addressability, tagging the surroundings in a polygon format over any 2D/3D space or PLOTS we call it.

Polygon Addressability



Experiences that recreate a scenario through its sounds. Fortunately, in JUMP we can easily interact with the help of MetaVoice API, which allows us to create much more immersive soundscapes. With the MetaVoice API, we can emulate the difference in sound depending on the distance and orientation of the user to the sound source.

It is available in 3 various forms: Metacoustic Audio™, Verse Audio™, Troop Audio™



Character Management

Avatar-based customization has the potential to impact player identification by shaping the relationship between the player and the character. You can choose and manage characters in JUMP metaverse in ways you’ve never seen before. The ability to manage avatars, allows players to perceive themselves in alternate ways in our metaverse in a more realistic manner when compared to other platforms.

Character ManagementTM


Decentralized Surveys

JUMP provides survey application that focus on protecting the privacy and data of its users. The data is completely encrypted at this place, and users hold the keys to it. By doing this, trust issues, harvesting, and data breaches are avoided – and insights are obtained.

Decentralized Surveys



JUMP is a metaverse platform which allows users to access the digital realm via web, mobile, and TV outlets. Using blockchain technology, JUMP provides a more secure and reliable platform for developers across the globe.


Use Cases

Complete suite of use cases
designed for our audience

  • Launch! from JUMP metaverse is a product launch platform that allows you to organize various types of launches and surveys for your customer feedback.
  • With Launch! you can improve the overall launch experience of your product and enable your customers to provide valuable input to make sure that you meet their needs as well.
  • Setup your own custom event, invite people to participate in surveys and customize their experience according to their needs.
  • Setup your own custom event, invite people to participate in surveys and customize their experience according to their needs.

  • JUMP provides decentralised surveys.
  • We preserve the privacy and data of our respondents. The only survey application that focus on protecting data.
  • JUMP Surveys enables digital rights for the users. In other words, the user, not us, is the owner of the account, identity, and data. The data is completely encrypted at this place, and users hold the keys to it. By doing this, trust issues, harvesting, and data breaches are avoided.
  • We firmly believe that all customer suggestions and insights obtained through data collecting are significant and must be safeguarded.

Land, Buildings, Floors, Walls, Billboards, Whatever! JUMP was created to help you experiment with all kinds of ideas and formats across the metaverse, with PLOTS™ and polygon addressability which later on you can monetize with brands, advertising, etc.


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We are born sustainable! In addition to being significantly more energy-efficient than other metaverses, JUMP is also reducing its smallest carbon footprint.


JUMP ensure the metaverse develops in a way that is sustainable for planet and people. We keep track of the need to build a metaverse that is accessible, inclusive and equitable. 


Transforming the upcoming wave of product launches, applications, and value transfers to power the economic models of the metaverses of the future. Join our mission!

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